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Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

The busiest time to visit Puerto Rico is from December to May. Diverse tropical landscape, white-sand beaches, colonial architecture and a tropical climate – Puerto Rico is a true Caribbean treasure. If you want to travel there, you have probably asked yourself, when the best time is to travel to Puerto Rico. As the island […]

Best Times to Visit

The Best Time to go to Banff

Banff is the most famous of the Rocky Mountains parks and one of the most visited places in Canada. If you are planning to go there, you are probably wondering about the best time to do so. Choosing your travel date is no easy task as there are a number at factors that play a […]

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Best Times to Visit

Best Time to Visit Iceland

Given its outstanding unspoiled natural beauty, Iceland has become one of the best and most enticing travel destinations in the world. Each year, around two million visitors choose to explore the stunning open spaces of this special country. From spectacular waterfalls and unforgettable Northern Lights shows, to impressive glaciers and idyllic lagoons, Iceland is a […]

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Best Times to Visit

Best Time to visit The Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a perfect destination for snorkelers and divers alike. Due to a diverse array of sea creatures in a variety of eclectic colours. Explore the black coral or kayak the vivid turquoise waters of Chalk Sound for an entirely different experience. A trip to the Turks and Caicos is something unforgettable, but […]

Best Times to Visit

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit and explore. However, when you are visiting, you most likely want to go when the weather is most cooperative and moderate, and you won’t get rained on while you explore the country. Additionally, some people may want to avoid the peak tourism season or visit when there are […]

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Best Times to Visit

Best Time To Visit Singapore

While Singapore is a destination you could visit all year-round, the best time to visit Singapore is from December through June. The months from February to April fall under the dry season of Singapore and are usually when the country has the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and sunshine. Singapore has fairly consistent […]