How to Travel with Necklaces

Jewellery – especially necklaces – are an essential part of fashion and you don’t want to miss them when you go travelling. Maybe you even find some gems abroad and want to take them home with you. However, it can be hard to keep them organized without opening your bag and finding a big, tangled mess. That’s why we’ve searched for some packing and travelling tips to make it as easy as possible for you to travel with necklaces.

10 Ways to Keep Your Necklaces Organized in Luggage

Mint tin

It’s always a good idea to save those Tic Tac containers after you are done with them. They make a great container for necklaces, especially when you put only one or two each in and add a cotton ball to protect them.

Jewellery cases


Jewellery cases allow you to place all of your necklaces on a little hook next to each other. They start from very cheap on Amazon and you can get them in many shops where accessories are being sold.

Drinking straws


To prevent your necklaces from getting tangled, simply thread one side of the chain through a plastic straw and attach at the other end. This just works for more subtle chains but it’s a very easy and helpful method. You could use an elastic band at the end to hold the individual straws together and pack the bundle safely in your bag.



Metal ring clips that are often used for crafts and school projects and can be found in arts and crafts stores, are a good way to keep your necklaces safe. Simply open the O-ring and slip the necklace on.

Empty lip balm container


Once you’ve used your lip balm, it makes a great jewellery container. Roll your necklace together in a little spiral and place it in there. Just make sure you keep your lip container safe as they are easy to lose. Maybe put it in a little bag.

Cling Wrap


Another easy way to prevent necklaces from tangling is by placing the items on one piece of cling wrap and pressing them together, making sure to leave enough space between them.


Socks are such an easy way to prevent your necklaces from tangling because you will probably take some pair of socks with you anyway. Just make sure to only put one necklace each in a pair of socks and don’t forget your necklace is in there.

Glasses case

If you have some spare glasses cases, this is also a good way to take your necklaces with you. A good way to prevent them from tangling is to put a tissue or other fabric between each necklace.


You really can use carabiners for everything and they work similar to the O-Rings. Just clip your necklace into them and put them safely in your bag.

Ziploc bags

If you have plenty of these bags, you can place one item in each bag with the end of the necklace zipped in the top.

How to go through the metal detector with necklaces

Going through the metal detectors at the airport, triggering the alarm and being in the centre of attention is probably the personal nightmare of many people. But when it comes to travelling with necklaces there’s actually and surprisingly not a lot to worry about. First of all, don’t waste your time taking off any jewellery items that don’t contain metal (or very small amounts of metal). Wearing these items shouldn’t make the metal detector go off.

Metal necklaces however, are a definite no-go which means you should take them off and put them safely packed in your carry-on bag which will go through the security check – without setting off an awkward alarm.

Extra tips for travelling with necklaces

It goes without saying that you should never pack any (expensive) necklaces that you’d be upset about losing or being stolen in a checked-in bag. If you really want to put your jewellery in your checked-in bag at least make sure it has a good lock – even though this doesn’t prevent your bag from getting lost and with it your beloved jewellery. Always keep the things that are important to you close in your carry-on bag.

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