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Best off-road trails Arkansas: Carwash Falls

You will find Carwash Falls situated in Hagarville Arkansas amongst the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. The area is remote and a 2020 census claimed that just 131 residents make up Hagarville. In Hagarville, you will find one of the best off-road trails in Arkansas and one that people visit throughout the year. 

There are a variety of trails around Carwash Falls allowing you to drive through the area and explore nature. If you fancy more adventures and want to get out of the SUV, you can hike or ride an ATV through the area as well. Carwash Falls also provides camping locations and the opportunity to kayak on the local waterways. 

One of the things that makes Carwash Falls one of the best off-road trails Arkansas has to offer is that you can spend multiple days in the area driving along the trails and camping. The area’s scenery makes it a must visit off-road site in Arkansas. The waterfalls are the highlight of a visit and you can drive your SUV through the falls to get it sparkling clean. The trail is gravel and mud, so having a 4×4 is a must. There are also creeks to ford, so be careful as the water rises sharply. 

How Long is The Trail?

The main trail (there are three) at Carwash Falls runs 5.5 miles and has an elevation of 857 feet. You can drive straight through the trail, but may want to get out and walk about to get photographs of the beautiful views on offer. 

Remarkably, there are 10 further water falls within five miles of Carwash Falls. You have the chance to extend your off-road adventure in Hagarville with a visit to Haw Creek Falls, Pack Rat Falls, and Cut off Falls. The number of water falls in the Ozarks area is even more proof of Carwash Falls being one of the best off-road trails in Arkansas. 

How difficult is Carwash Falls trail?

The trail is not an extremely difficult or technical off-road trail. However, it is a trail in which you must keep your eye on the road. The gravel and mud trail makes it slippery, especially when wet. In addition, the creeks that cross the trail can make it difficult to cross. Depending on the weather and recent rainfall, you may not be able to cross the creeks to continue on.

What is the trail like?

The Ozarks of Arkansas are an incredibly diverse area. While the Ozarks in northwest Arkansas stretch into southwest Missouri, it is the Arkansas portion that is the most beautiful. Along with waterfalls, you will find caves and creeks all along the trail. The most well-known creek around the trail is Piney Creek, which is actually more like a river in size. There are areas to camp along Piney Creek

The trail to Carwash Falls is a true off-road experience. While some off-road trails are more like hard dirt roads, the trail at Carwash Falls is a trail of gravel, mud, and debris. On the trail, you will find natural bridges to drive over or get out and walk across. There is even a slot canyon to explore. There are so many photo ops that you will make your Instagram followers green with envy of your off-road trip. 

You will experience two creek crossings when exploring the trail. Hurricane Creek and Rock Creek must be forded to continue on the trail, and a hefty 4×4 is needed. Even on bright, sunny days, don’t expect to get up the trail in anything less than a 4×4. The trail’s terrain and difficulty mean you cannot go more than five-miles-per-hour when driving. Anything more will put you in danger. 

Keep in mind that there are three routes you can drive when visiting the Carwash Falls trail. Route No. 1 comes from Deer and stretches around 11.7 miles. Route No. 2 is the most common trail and is 5.5 miles and starts in Sand Gap. The main issue is fording Hurricane and Rock Creeks. The third route also starts from Sand Gap, but extends further than route two along gravel paths. You can expect mostly gravel trails for route No. 1 and No. 3.

Why is Carwash Falls one of the best off-road trails Arkansas has to offer?

Carwash Falls is one of the best off-road trails Arkansas has to offer due to the diversity you have on a trip. There are three trails to explore giving you the chance to go down each in one day to see the area from different angles.

Along with driving along the trails, you can hike, mountain bike, kayak and camp in the area. It is possible to spend an entire weekend at Carwash Falls enjoying all of the activities the Ozarks of Arkansas has to offer.

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