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Where to Stay in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Japan and is on every avid traveler’s bucket list. This city is known for its traditional Ryokans, beautiful temples, shrines and heritage sites. The tourists love coming to Kyoto. Not surprisingly, because this city has a lot to offer.                                              

Millions of tourists visit Kyoto every year, to get the experience of world-class shopping, mouth-watering cuisines, and leisure time in KyotoNot unfamiliar to cities Japan, Kyoto offers diverse accommodation options. After seeing the list of hotels and guest houses, we promise you might have a difficult time deciding where to stay in Kyoto.         

Each district of Kyoto has its uniqueness and character. Where you want to stay depends on your convenience and priority. On that note, we feel responsible for our readers and wish to provide them with our handpicked guide of the best hotels in Kyoto. 

Whether you decide to choose for that beautiful luxurious hotel, with unbeatable Japanese service, a Japanese Inn (traditional Ryokan), a good mid-range hotel, or a cozy guest house we have got you covered.             


The Ritz - Carlton Kyoto

  • This elegant and sophisticated hotel offers a unique Japanese flair; this is truly a quiet oasis of luxury in the heart of Kyoto. 
  • You can expect world-class services and a spectacular view of the river
  • The rooms available are beautifully designed and spacious. 
  • You can also get a chance to experience the luxurious dine and a lovely swimming pool for spending some quality time with your loved ones or family.
where to stay in kyoto the ritz

Kyoto Hotel Okura

This hotel isn’t a very traditional Japanese hotel, but it still offers enough character for you to know that  you’re actually staying in Kyoto, Japan. You could simply consider it as a luxurious Kyoto hotel. Surprisingly the cost of this hotel is not shockingly expensive, but certainly not for the budget traveler.

  • This is a classic hotel that is available at an affordable price tag. It offers comfortable, elegantly furnished rooms.
  •  There is a direct connection to the Kyotoshiyakusho -Mae Subway Station right next door that makes getting around the city very easy – for shopping in areas lies Shijo and Karasuma.
  • Here, you will be served an excellent breakfast buffet on the 17th floor with a view overlooking the river. Interestingly, there is an in-house bakery and several other restaurants in this hotel. 
where to stay in kyoto okura

Laon Inn-Goin Shinmozen

If you want to travel on a mid-sized budget, then you can rent a room in this hotel. For Japanese standards, the rooms are relatively large. Yes, there are larger more luxurious rooms, but this is probably the best bang for your buck.

  • The rooms or the spacious apartments are beautifully structured for making its customers feel homelike. 
  • The space is quite clean, well maintained, and finished (with sofa, flat-screen, TV, free Wi-Fi, and microwave). 
  • Unlike any other hotel, you are provided with a few utensils, a washing machine, and a fridge. Here, the tourist is responsible for keeping the room clean as there is no daily housekeeping.
  • For the expedition, you can reach the nearest bus stop or subway that is close to the main street of Gion. 

Kyoto Hana Hotel

Are you looking for something super affordable and modern? Then we have found one of the best Kyoto hotels that are new and crafted with a very modern, light, and airy feel. With the furniture and beds low on the ground, it definitely gives you a local cultural Japanese feel.

  • Here the rooms are quite spacious with comfortable bedding. 
  • The location is also perfect and allows you to take a few minutes’ walk to reach the Sanjo subway station, many shops, and temples. 
  • The staffs and employees are too kind and chivalrous. 
where to stay in kyoto Hana Hotel

Century Hotel Kyoto

The problem of where to stay in Kyoto will no longer be an issue for you because we have found the best option in terms of luxury. But you’ll have shell out a few Yen, because this is really for the ballers among us.

  • This hotel is very big and beautiful, give the comfort of modern rooms and great service from the staff. After a few minutes’ walk you can easily reach the Kyoto Train station

Noku Kyoto

Here is another hotel we catgorize as a middle ranged hotel. Its not dramatically expensive but still very trendy clean and comfortable. After learning about the great hot spots around the hotel, you’ll know where to stay in Kyoto.

  • This is an excellent boutique hotel that provides spacious, clean, well- equipped, and super comfortable rooms. 
  • The location never fails to surprise tourists with its amazing location and Japanese standard.
  • From here, you can easily reach the Imperial Palace as well as the Nijo castle within 10 minutes. 

Liv Ranrokaku

People often answer Liv Ranrokaku when they ask themselves where to stay in Kyoto? This amazing hotel offers a Ryokan style Inn with a modern twist for catering foreign guests. The hotel is an easy walk away to the lovely Kyoto Bamboo and Monkey Park.

where to stay in kyoto LIV Ranroukaku

Crowne Plaza Hotel Kyoto

  • It is an elegant mid-range Hotel that is located right across from the Nijo castle. 
  • The spectacular lobby and excellent services are enough to make you want to book yourself here. 
  • The quality of service and amenities provided here are very impressive. 
  • The hotel also provides free bus shuttle service to the nearby Kyoto station, if you prefer a little more excercise, you can also choose to walk to the nearby Nijojo – Mae Metro Station.
  • Trust us; this is one of the very few hotels that provide an indoor swimming pool to its tourists.
where to stay in kyoto crown plaza

The Bottom Line

Each hotel or guest room has its beauty and character. Choose your personal favorite and make bookings. Now, you know where to stay in Kyoto. Feel free to dive into the beautiful tourist attraction like Kyoto and experience the best time with your loved ones or friends.               

Kyoto Warmingly Invites You To Its City!

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